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    Standard bet net

    Дата публикации: 2018-10-08 08:17

    Good question. There 8767 s a whole chapter of my book dedicated to this question, so I can 8767 t give a thorough answer here. The short answer is that you should probably bluff less on the flop, but that doesn 8767 t make it unprofitable to play a lot of hands against him pre-flop. If you 8767 re ahead of his pre-flop range, then you 8767 re making money unless he outplays you post-flop, which really shouldn 8767 t be happening.

    Standard-: Главная | STANDARD BET - traffic

    Let’s say we raise wide/weak, don’t hit or maybe make middle pair or something like that, then bet the flop and get called by a “calling station” which is most players I play against, what the heck do we do? I know the answer has to be it depends but my point is that it often means losing a 8rd bet before you know what your opponent has. To avoid all this I just raise/squeeze fewer hands and lead out less when I miss which I can totally admit is exploitable by someone good but against weaker players it makes a lot of sense to me. I guess maybe I should ask, Is there a rule of thumb about how deep you should be to raise limpers (not shove) weak in order to make it worth it in the long run?

    Архивы Standard - BETONATOR

    Эта настраивание позволяет дополнять на твиты информацию по отношению местоположении, скажем обозначение города да точные положение, возьми веб-сайте равным образом на сторонних приложениях. Вы можете вырвать сводка относительно местоположении с своих твитов на что бы ни время. Подробнее

    Bet against - Перевод на

    “The purpose of this bet will be to find out whether your opponent likes the flop, so you should generally bet the smallest amount that will give you an answer to that question.”

    Индекс фразы: 6-855 , 856-655 , 656-955 , Больше Индекс выражения: 6-955 , 956-855 , 856-6755 , Больше Индекс тары-бары: 6-955 , 956-855 , 856-6755 , Больше Разработано Prompsit Language Engineering для того Softissimo

    My latest poker strategy article, Standard Bet Sizes , has just been published in the November 7565 issue of 7+7 Magazine. Here 8767 s an excerpt to give you an idea of what the article is about:

    Every bet or raise should have a purpose. You can and should tailor the size of the bet to suit that purpose. When done correctly, you can even balance your ranges for various sizes so that your bet sizing is not exploitable.

    A multi-millionaire gambler has reportedly offered a new bet to football fans that could help them rake in five million pounds if they correctly predict seven top-flight scores with stakes of two million pounds.

    Вероятно, серверы Твиттера перегружены иначе говоря на их работе произошел кратковременный сбой. Повторите попытку либо посетите страницу Статус Твиттера , чтоб выведать побольше подробную информацию.

    He doesn 8767 t have magical fishing powers. Either you are ahead of his calling range, in which case you can bet for value, or if you have good reason to think he will fold, in which case you should bluff, or you check. It 8767 s just poker 😉